This love meter helps you reveal the love compatibility degree between you and your significant other based on names, eye colors and age difference. You can check an example calculation and read more on this subject below the form.


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How does this love meter work?

This is a quick love tool designed to determine a love compatibility degree between you and your partner as it works as a test based on some simple aspects of each of the two partners tested.

The criteria based on which the love meter works is:

  • Name- Filling in the names of the two partners will calculate the name compatibility component out of the entire percent response.
  • Eye color - Not many people know that there have been studies that have shown that even eye color has something to do with compatibility and that is not only something you worry about when you want to determine your future baby’s genetic eye color.
  • Age - Despite the fact that love is known as the most important part in a relationship, the age of the two partners and to whom that difference is in favor of may trigger a stronger or a weaker compatibility.
  • Family status - Recent research has focused on understanding whether the patterns in our families and whether we are an only child or have other siblings, as well as our position in the order of the siblings, has anything to do with the way we behave and interact in a relationship.

Finally, by adding those proportions the user will receive the personalized love compatibility percent.

Example of a message

Let’s take the case of Casey who has green eyes, is two years younger than Michael whose eye color is brown, she is the only child while he is a middle sibling. The result for them is: 88.51% love compatibility!

25 Jan, 2015