This true love calculator determines the romantic compatibility between you and the person you are in a relationship with based on birthdays and names. Discover an example calculation and read more on this subject below the form.

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How does this true love calculator work?

This simple love tool takes your name and date of birth and the similar data from your partner or crush and transforms them into a love compatibility analysis that will provide you an insight on the prospects of this relationship. You just have to input the data provided then the calculator will do the work and test your love match. 

The true love calculator computes and displays the following results:

  • Compatibility percentage based on name. This true love percent is displayed by counting for how many times each letter from TRUE and LOVE are found in the 2 names specified. The numbers resulted after counting the occurrence of each letter from TRUE and from LOVE are put together to get the true love percentage.
  • Date of birth degree of attraction. This love percent is determined only based on the analysis of the two dates of birth.
  • Your overall love percentage which is the average between the two percentages calculated previously.

Example of a result

Let’s take for instance Jason who is born on May 7 1992 and is interested to see how compatible he is with his girlfriend Carol whose date of birth is June 5 1992. The result for them is:

  • True compatibility based on name: 13%
  • Love compatibility based on dob: 88.64%
  • Your overall compatibility percentage: 50.82%

Interpretation: It seems their names carry a very low compatibility suggesting they might not get along at all while their dates of birth indicate quite a good match and their overall love compatibility suggests their relationship can go either way.

25 Jan, 2015