This unconditional love calculator presents you with some interesting love facts and statistics for a lifetime to rethink how you see your relationship. Discover more on this and reasons why you should use it below the form.

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How does this unconditional love calculator work?

This is a love tool that comes with a few interesting love facts and statistics for a lifetime. The love facts displayed might come as a surprise and make you rethink the way you see a relationship.

Many of us seek for that true romance and a loving and loyal partner. Some others simply go where life takes them. The unconditional love calculator was designed to shed a different perspective on what really means a long time relationship and to what you're exactly signing in for when you say yes to it.

It calculates the amount of events and others that you and your partner may live if you decide to stay together for a lifetime by bringing together the latest statistics with your own personal history. You are required to input the following fields:

  • Your gender.
  • Age in years.
  • His/Her age in years.
  • The relationship age either in months or years.
  • The country which gives your life expectancy.
  • The love commitment meaning of the madly in love, not so sure, just a fling.

What is unconditional love?

In few words the definition would consist in the love feelings somebody has for another person without any limitations. The unconditional love is what we usually call the true or real love and is not only used to express the strength between two lovers but also to describe the love with no limits between the members of a family or between two good friends.

Example of a result

Let’s take the case of a female aged 31 who’s been together with her partner aged 30 for 2 years and 5 months, they are from Spain and their love commitment was rated “not so sure”. Their result would be:

“You may not be sure of your decision, but this is how things will evolve if your answer to unconditional love is yes, for a lifetime:

  • If your love will be unconditional you and your partner would probably continue to live your love story happily for at least another 54 years. That means your relationship might be a 56.42 years long one. Do you know what that means? That your love would last for around 677 months, or for 2,934 weeks, or for 20,593 days, or for 494,239 hours, or for 29,654,352 minutes or for 1,779,261,120 seconds.
  • You and your partner will probably share around 154,450 sleeping hours together.
  • You and your partner will make love for about 4,644 times.
  • During this time you will kiss him/her for at least 82,373 times and receive as many kisses yourself.
  • In your lifetime together you and your partner will say around 123,560 love words one to another.
  • Your time together also translates into sharing approximately 41,187 meals together, 162 holidays together, 6,864 hours talking on the phone and 4,401 shopping sessions.
  • That means you two will have the chance to live at least 82,373 happy moments, or that you two will have the chance to support each other in difficult moments for around 61,780 times.
  • It depends how funny you are, but you two will probably laugh together for at least 350,086 times in a lifetime.
  • Last but not least your unconditional love will probably leave behind 125 tones of memories and photos.”

25 Jan, 2015