This adding fractions calculator can help you add any two or more given fractions at a time (it allows up to 8 fractions to be added in a single calculation).

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How to add fractions?

The rule when adding two or more fractions you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Make sure the denominators (bottom numbers) are the same. In case they aren’t you should bring them to the same denominator by amplification them with the correct values. To do that you first need to establish which is denominator than can be obtained easily my amplification.
  2. Once all denominators are the same you can add the numerators (please note you need to sum up the top numbers as they are after you obtain the same denominator). The value obtained after the sum is the final numerator for the fraction that results.
  3. If applicable simplify the fraction that results.

For instance let’s take one example of adding 3 fractions at a time 2/3 + 5/9 + 1/18:

  1. As it can be observed they do not have the same denominator thus we should be first bring them to the same bottom numbers. To do so we see that the right denominator is 18 (as it divides perfectly with both 3 and 9). Thus we multiply the first fraction with 6, second fraction with 2 and third stay as it is because it has the right denominator. It will result: 12/18 + 10/18 + 1/18.
  2. Add all numerators: (12 + 10 + 1) = 23
  3. The fraction that results is 23/18.

The same goes in case there are more than 2 fractions involved in the adding calculation.

In case you don’t want to go through all these steps by hand this adding fractions calculator can help you add up to 8 fractions at a time, you just need to choose how many of them are and input their values.

10 Apr, 2015