This average calculator finds the average value of any given data set of numbers by making the sum of the given numbers and then by dividing it by the count of the values.

Please input all numbers either separated by semicolon ONLY!

How does this average calculator work?

This math tool can be used to compute the average/ mean value of a set of numbers. For instance in case of 3 values “a”, “b” and “c” the average is obtained by adding a+b+c and then by diving it to the 3 (where 3 is the count of the no. in the data set).

The algorithm of this average calculator is based on this formula:

Average (Mean) = Sum of all numbers / The count of the numbers

What is average?

The average is the value obtained by adding all the numbers from the given set, then by dividing the resulting figure by the count of the numbers considered. It is often referred to concept in statistics and in daily life because of its usability. For instance it is used when:

- solving some mathematical exercises or problems;

- understanding some statistical trends;

- trying to figure out different daily facts or when calculating best prices.

11 Apr, 2015