This chi square test allows you to compute the statistical hypothesis test to discover any significant difference between expected and observed frequencies. There is more information on this subject below the form.

Observed numbers:
Expected numbers:

How does this chi square calculator work?

This is a statistical tool designed to help you with hypothesis testing for sampling distributions that are chi squared and in case the null hypothesis is true. The null hypothesis states that there is no significant difference between the expected and observed result.

You are required to input each of the two data sets as in the example below, one value per line:







Then the test will determine whether there is significant difference between expected and observed frequencies that is real or just due to sampling variation.

Chi Square (X2) = ∑((y-x)2/x)

The formula used by the chi square calculator is that of the sum of the squared difference between the observed (y) and the expected (x) data, divided by the expected data in all possible categories.

22 Apr, 2015