This collinear points calculator can help you check whether 3 given points (A, B, and C) are collinear or not based on their coordinates.

Coordinates of 1st point (A): *
Coordinates of 2nd point (B): *
Coordinates of 3rd point (C): *

How does this collinear points calculator work?

This collinear points calculator can help you determine whether 3 points whose coordinates are given are collinear, which means that they lie on the same straight line.

Assuming that we have:

Point A (x1, y1)

Point B (x2, y2)

Point C (x3, y3)

In order to test if they are collinear we should test the validity of the following expression:

(y2 − y1)(x3 − x2) = (y3 − y2)(x2 − x1)

If the above equality is true then the three points are collinear, otherwise they are not.

The concept is used in solving various mathematical problems and in statistics as well where collinearity represents a linear relationship between two explanatory variables.

In statistics, two variables are considered to be perfectly collinear if there is an exact linear relationship between them, which means the correlation coefficient between the given variables equals 1 or −1.

17 Aug, 2015