This correlation coefficient calculator can help you test the correlation coefficient between two statistical variables x and y. There is in depth information about the formula used below the form.

How does this correlation coefficient calculator work?

This is a statistics calculator that can help in determining the coefficient correlation between two variables within a given data set, we use to call x and y.

The values for the 2 variables x,y, should be separated ONLY by commas, and they should stay one pair per line as exemplified below:






The algorithm behind this correlation coefficient calculator uses the Pearson’s formula as presented here:

Correlation coefficient


Mean of X

Mean of Y

Sample Standard Deviation X

Sample Standard Deviation Y

The Karl Pearson’s correlation coefficient measures the linear dependence between two variables x and y. It can have a value between +1 and −1 inclusive, where 1 is total positive correlation, 0 means no correlation while −1 is total negative correlation.

10 Apr, 2015