This cylinder calculator can help you calculate the volume, base, lateral and surface areas, height or radius of any right cylinder if you have the required dimensions.

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How does this cylinder calculator work?

Depending on the dimension to be computed, this cylinder calculator applies the formulas as detailed below:
■ When calculating the volume (V) you have to provide its radius (r) and the height (h):

Volume (V) = πr2h

■ If you want to compute the surface area (As) you have to know the radius (r) and the height (h) of the cylinder:

Surface Area (AS) = 2πrh + 2πr2

■ In case you try to determine the base area (Ab) then you have to specify only the radius (r) of the cylinder and the calculator will apply the area of a circle formula:

Base area (Ab) = πr2

■ If you choose to calculate the lateral surface area (Als) then you have to provide the radius (r) and the height (h) of the cylinder:

Lateral Surface Area (Als) = 2πrh

■ In case choose to estimate the height (h) then you have to input the radius (r) and the surface area (As) of the cylinder:

Height (h) = (As/2πr) - r

■ In case you select to solve for radius (r) then you have to give the surface area (As) and the height (h) of the cylinder:

Radius (r) = ½[(√(h2 + 2As/π)) - h/2]

08 Aug, 2015