This density calculator calculates any from density, volume or mass as needed by considering two given variables from the density equation. There is more information about the formula and unit measurement units used below the form.

Please input ONLY 2 out of the 3 fields, depending on what you need to calculate!

How does this density calculator work?

This physics calculator is designed to help you determine either the density, volume or mass in case two out of the three variables are known. It is a flexible tool since allows specifying the density, volume and mass in a wide range of measurements units as detailed here:

  • Mass MU:
kilogram (kg) Default unit
metric ton (t) 1000
gram (g) 0.001
milligram (mg) 1.00E-06
microgram (Mcg) 1.00E-09
Long ton (L_t) 1016.05
Short ton (S_t) 907.185
stone (st) 6.35029
ounce (oz) 0.0283495
pound (lb) 0.453592
  • Volume MU:
cubic meter (m3) Default unit
cubic mile (mi3) 2.39912759 × 10-10
cubic kilometer (km3) 1.0 × 10-9  
cubic centimeter (cm3) 1000000
cubic millimeter (mm3) 1000000000
cubic foot (ft3) 35.3147
cubic inch (in3) 61023.7
cubic yard (yd3) 1.30795062
liter (l) 1000
milliliter (ml) 1000000
US gallon (gal) 264.172
US pint (pt) 2113.38
US quart (qt) 1056.69
US cup (cup) 4226.75
US oz (oz) 33814
US tsbp (tsbp) 67628
US tsp (tsp) 202884
Imperial gal (imp gal) 219.969
Imperial quart (imp qt) 879.877
Imperial pint (imp pt) 1759.75
Imperial oz (imp oz) 35195.1
Imperial tbsp (imp tbsp) 56312.1
Imperial tsp (imp tsp) 168936
  • Density MU:
kilogram/cubic meter (kg/m3) Default unit
kilogram/cubic cm (kg/cm3) 1000000
gram/cubic meter (g/m3) 0.001
gram/cubic centimeter (g/cm3) 1000
kilogram/liter (kg/L) 1000
gram/liter (g/L) 1
ounce/cubic inch (oz/in3) 1730
ounce/cubic foot (oz/ft3) 1.001
ounce/gallon (US) 7.489
ounce/gallon (UK) 6.236
pound/cubic inch (lb/in3) 27680
pound/cubic foot (lb/ft3) 16.02
pound/cubic yard (lb/yd3) 0.5933
pound/gallon (US) 119.83
pound/gallon (UK) 99.78
Short ton /cubic yard (S_t/ yd3) 1186.60
Long ton /cubic yard(L_t/ yd3) 1328.90
psi/1000 feet 2.3067

The algorithm of this density calculator uses the standard density equation explained here while depending on what field is left blank it extracts the solution for the unknown figure:

ρ = m / V


ρ = density

m = mass

V = volume.

Below you can discover some popular materials and their density:

  • Water in conditions of standard temperature and pressure has a density of 1,000 kg/m3
  • Iron has a density of 7,874 kg/m3
  • Gold has a density of 19,300 kg/m3
  • Earth has a density if 5,515 kg/m3

10 Apr, 2015