This distance formula calculator calculates the distance between any two given points defined by their coordinates (including coordinates in the form of a fraction).


How does this distance formula calculator work?

This distance formula calculator allows you to find the distance between two points having coordinates (x1,y1) (x2,y2) expressed by:

- positive and/or negative numbers;

- numbers with or without decimals;

- by fractions. Please note that in order to enter a fraction coordinate use “/”. For instance use 3/4 for 3 divided by 4.

The algorithm behind it uses the distance equation as it is explained below:

How Much Do I

Where (x1, y1) are the coordinates of the first point and (x2, y2) the ones of the second point.

Example of a calculation

Let's calculate the distance between point A(-5;8) and B(3/5;17).

Answer: 10.6

13 Apr, 2015