This F Test calculator can help you calculate the F value for a statistical test consisting of two set of values, that follows the F-distribution under the null hypothesis.

First set of values:
Second set of values:

How does this F-Test calculator work?

This statistical F-Test calculator can assist you when trying to determine the F value and the sample variance for two given data sets by applying these formulas:

Sample Variance Formula

F Value = s12/ s22


n = count of the values within the data set

xi … xn = numbers in the sample

x bar = sample mean

s2= sample variance

s12 = sample variance for first set of data

s22 = sample variance for first set of data

Please note that the numbers should be placed one per line within the two boxes.

Example of a calculation

Assuming we have the following two data sets let’s calculate the F value:

First set Second set
10 5
12 44
16 28
25 2
19 64
3 18

The results in this case are:

F Value = 0.102089

Sample variance for first data set (s12) = 58.166667

Sample variance for second data set (s22) = 569.766667

07 Jul, 2015