This linear regression calculator can help you to find the intercept and the slope of a linear regression equation and draw the line of best fit from a set of data witha scalar dependent variable (y) and an explanatory one (x). You can discover more about the linear regression model below the form.

Dependent numbers(y):
Independent numbers(x):

How does this linear regression calculator work?

In statistics, linear regression is a model which describes the relation between a scalar dependent variable (y) and one or multiple explanatory variables (x).

The simple linear regression is the statistics model in which the dependent variable is influenced by a single explanatory variable and its equation also called the line of best fit of dataset(x,y) is written as y = a + bx.

The linear regression is an extremely used concept in statistics and economics in the analysis of the markets, prices, supply and demand, as it helps in a better understanding of a phenomena involving a dependent variable and one or more explanatory ones.

This linear regression calculator is a comprehensive statistics tool since apart from the slope and the intercept values it returns as well the standard deviation and the correlation coefficient as listed below, while it is based on the following formulas explained here:

- Linear Regression Equation y = a + bx

- Intercept (a)

Linear regression intercept formula

- Slope (b)

Linear regression slope formula

- Correlation coefficient (r)

Correlation coefficient formula

- Sample standard deviation for x (Sx)

Sample standard deviation formula for x

- Sample standard deviation for y (Sy)

Sample standard deviation formula for y

- Mean x

Mean formula for x

- Mean y

Mean formula for y

- Sample size which is the count of the pairs of variables in the dataset.

12 Jun, 2015