This matrix addition calculator can help you make the addition of two matrices that can have 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 rows and columns. You can find a calculation example below the form.

Number of rows (R):*
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How does this matrix addition calculator work?

This matrix addition calculator allows you make the sum of 2 matrices having maximum 4 columns and 4 rows.

As a general rule, the matrix addition between a matrix A and one B is allowed only if both matrices have the same number of rows and columns. For example if A is a 4x3 matrix then B should have 4 rows and 3 columns as well. The addition operation requires that each pair of the two corresponding entries to be summed, which means that the entry from row 1 column 1 from B is added to the entry having the same coordinates from A.

An example is provided within the following rows:

Matrix Addition

Please remember that this matrix addition calculator allows both positive and negative entries, with or without decimals and even fractions. For numbers expressed by a fraction you have to use "/" sign: for example you can specify numbers such as 1/6 or 2/3.

30 Jun, 2015