This matrix multiplication calculator can help you calculate the multiplication of two matrices no matter of their number of columns and rows (2x2 3x3 4x4). You can discover a calculation example below the tool.

Matrix 1
Number of rows (R):*
Number of columns (C):*
Matrix 2
Number of rows (R):*
Number of columns (C):*

How does this matrix multiplication calculator work?

This matrix multiplication calculator can assist you when multiplying two matrices having maximum 4 columns and/or 4 rows:

The matrix multiplication between a matrix called A with “d” rows and “c” columns (d x c) and another one called B with “e” rows and “f” columns, will result in a matrix called C having “d” rows and “f” columns (d x f).

This operation requires that the matching members to be multiplied between them and then sum up the values obtained. See an example below:

Matrix Multiplication

Please note that this matrix multiplication calculator can process both positive and negative numbers, with or without decimals and even numbers expressed by fractions. For fractions numbers you have to use "/" sign: for example you can have entries such as 3/4 or 3/5.

29 Jun, 2015