This mean median mode calculator computes the average (mean), median and mode values of any given numbers /statistical data set. There is in depth information about the formulas used below the form.

How does this mean median mode calculator work?

First the value of the data set (negative, positive, integer or decimal numbers) should be placed one per line with no other separators. For instance:




The algorithm of this mean median mode calculator uses the formulas explained here:

  • Data set refers to all the values given.
  • Mean (average) is the sum of all numbers divided by the count of the values in question.
  • Median represents the number that separates the higher half of a data set from the lower half of it.  In order to determine the median of a set of numbers you first have to arrange all the values from lowest to highest and then choose the one in the middle. In case of an odd number of values in the data set the median is the value in the middle of the data in question; while in case of an even number of values the median is equal to the mean of the two data values from the middle of the data set ordered from lowest to highest.
  • Mode value/s indicate/indicates the value/s that occurs most frequently in the given set of numbers. In case two values occur with the same frequency, both numbers are considered mode.
  • Range is the value obtained by subtracting the lowest value from the highest one.
  • Count responds to the question of how many values are in the given data sample.
  • Sum is obtained by adding all the values in the analyzed set of data.

09 Apr, 2015