This midpoint calculator calculates the distance and the midpoint between any two given points defined by their coordinates (x1,y1;x2,y2), even between two points defined by fractions. There is more information on how to calculate these figures below the tool.


How does this midpoint calculator work?

The algorithm of this midpoint calculator uses the following formulas:

    • Midpoint equation:

Midpoint formula

    • Distance formula:

Distance formula

The coordinates of the two points can be:

- positive and/or negative numbers;

- numbers with or without decimals;

- expressed by fractions. In order to enter a coordinate in fraction format use “/” between the dividend and the divisor. For example use 7/9 for 7 divided by 9.

 Example of a calculation

Find the midpoint and distance for two points having these coordinates:

P1: (-1 , 3)

P2: (2.5 , 2/9)


Midpoint = (0.75,1.61)

Distance ≈ 4.468339

09 Apr, 2015