This Parallelogram Area calculator can help you compute the area of a parallelogram based on the height (h) and the base length (b). Below the form you can find the formula used.

Base (b):*
Height (h):*

Parallelogram area formula

The parallelogram area formula is:

Total Area = b x h


- h is the height;

- b is the base length.


Even though in simple mathematical computations the parallelogram area calculation does not take account of units, this calculator allows finding the area in several units (m2, mm2, cm2, inch2, foot2) while the input of the base length and height can be specified in foot, inch, millimeter, centimeter or meter.

Most often used area units converted to m2 (SI)

Unit Area in m2
1 hectare (ha) 10,000
1 square kilometre (km2) 1,000,000
1 square centimeter (cm2) 0.0001
1 square foot (ft2) 0.0929
1 square yard (yd2) 0.8361
1 acre (ac) 4,046.90
1 square mile (mi2) 2,589,988

15 Mar, 2016