This percentage change calculator performs 3 types of calculations: percentage increase or decrease change from one no. (A1) to another (A2), percentage difference and applying/extracting a percent to/from a given value. You can read more about it below the tool.

Change from initial number (A1):*
To reference number (A2):*
Between this number (A1):*
And this number (A2):*
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What percent is

How does this percentage change calculator work?

This math form can be used when trying to solve any problem that requires any of the following 3 calculation types:

■ Determining the relative change which can be either an increase or decrease from an initial number to a reference or final number. This operation can be performed in 1st tab;

■ Finding the percentage difference which refers to the relative difference between two given numbers. The 2nd tab can handle such problem;

■ Other percentage calculations like finding what is the absolute value of a percent applied to a specific number or what percent is a number from another number. These two can be done in 3rd tab.

When computing all these common math operations, the algorithm of this percentage change calculator applies the formulas explained below:

■ % Change = (A2 – A1)/A1]*100

■ % Difference = ( | A1 - A 2 | / ((A 1 + A 2)/2) ) * 100

■ Absolute value by applying a % = % * Given value

■ % value of a number in another number = A1/A2*100


A1 = first given number

A2 = second given number

Example of few calculations

1. What is the relative change from 125 to 199?

Answer: Percentage Increase = +59.20%

2. What is the percentage difference between 55 and 141?

Answer: Percentage difference = 45.6790%

3. What is 5.55% of $150?

Answer: $8.33

4. What percent is 10 from 100?

Answer: 10%.

08 Apr, 2015