This quadratic equation calculator helps you solve any quadratic equation by applying the standard formula for finding the two possible solutions (roots). More details on this topic you can find below the form.

x2 +   x +   = 0

What is a quadratic equation?

In algebra a quadratic equation is an equality with the form of ax^2+bx+c=0 where the coefficients a,b and c are real number and a<>0. As it can easily be observed from its form this kind of expression has a single unknown variable “x”.

How to solve a quadratic equation?

The most used method to find the roots of any math expression of this form is by applying quadratic formula:

Quadratic Equation Formula

Apart from this method which is applied by this quadratic equation calculator, there are other 3 options anyone has to solve such math problem:

    • Factoring is the method that uses the decomposition of an object (for instance a number or a polynomial) into a product of other factors or objects which when multiplied together give the initial object. In this respect a quadratic equation such as ax^2+bx+c=0 can be written as (mx + p)(nx + l) = 0, which means then that both term from parentheses should be solved as mx+p=0, nx+l=0.
    • Completing the square is an approach by which the ax^2+bx+c=0 equality is converted to an expression having the form of a怖(x+w)怗^2+k where w & k are values that give sense to the statement.

For instance a quadratic equation having the form mentioned above can be solved by applying the steps provided in the following lines:

a) Divide each term of the equation by coefficient a.

b) Rewrite the equality statement in such way the constant c/a gets on the right.

c) Add the square of one-half of b/a coefficient to both sides positioned to the left and right of the equal sign.

d) Identify how the left side can be written as a square and rewrite it that way.

e) As a result of step d) form two linear equations by equating the square root of the left part with the positive and negative square roots of the right part.

f) Finally get the solution of the two linear equations obtained at step e).

  • Graphing is a representation of the collection of all ordered pairs obtained by giving values (x,f(x)).

20 Dec, 2014