This quadratic formula calculator can help you find the roots and solve any quadratic equation by using the formula for getting the two possible solutions. Below the form you can get more details.

To calculate the roots: i.e. enter a=7, b=6, c=0.

x2 +   x +   = 0

How does this quadratic formula calculator works?

The algorithm behind this quadratic formula calculator is based on the standard formula for finding the roots (x1 and x2) and presented below:

Quadratic Equation Formula

For instance for a quadratic equation written as: 7x2 + 5x + 0 = 0 the following data should be entered within the form:

 a = 7, b = 6, c = 0 (please remember that even a coefficient may be zero you still have to input it in the form. In our case you should input the c = 0 as well otherwise you cannot solve the equation).

x1 = 0
x2 = 0.85714285714286.

15 Apr, 2015