This range calculator helps you calculate the range of a set of numbers integer/decimal positive and/or negative, the minimum and the maximum of the range. There is more information on this topic below the form.

Please input the numbers separated by commas in the box presented below.

What is a range?

Range is the area of variation between upper(max) and lower(min) limits on a particular scale. This concept is often used in statistics, where the range of a data set measures the spread or the dispersion of the observed values.

How does this range calculator work?

This range calculator can help you solve any statistics or math problem that requires finding the minimum, and the maximum values, the range and the count of numbers of a given data set that can consist of both positive and negative values, decimal or integer.

The values of the data sample should be separated by commas. For instance: -2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The range details displayed are:

  • Minimum value of the range which is the lowest limit;
  • Maximum value;
  • Range which is defined as the difference between the max and min within the range.
  • Count of numbers within the specified set.

Example of a result

Let’s take this data set and see its range details: -16,9,25,34,0,17,16,9,102,87.

■ Range = 118

■ Maximum value = 102

■ Minimum value = -16

■ Count of numbers within the set = 10

09 Apr, 2015