This sphere calculator can help you calculate the volume, area, diameter, circumference or the radius of a sphere if you provide only one out of the 5 dimensions.

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How does this sphere calculator work?

The algorithm of this sphere calculator requires only one dimension to be given and that can be the radius, diameter, area or the volume; while the formulas applied are explained below:

Diagonal (d) = 2r

Radius (r) = d/2

Area (A) = 4πr2

Volume (V) = 4/3πr3

Circumference (C) = r

■ In case the radius (r) is provided then the above formulas should be used.

■ If the diagonal (d) is the known variable then first you have to figure out the radius then compute the other 3 dimensions (C, A & V).

■ If the circumference (C) is known then first you have to determine the radius as r = C / 2π, then you can find the other 3 dimensions (d, A & V).

■ In case the area (A) is the given figure then r = √(A / 4π). Once the radius is calculated the other figures (d, C & V) can be obtained by using the same standard equations explained.

■ Finally if the volume (V) is given then r = Cuberoot(3V / 4π) and the other dimensions (d & A) can be then calculated as well.

Sphere formulas for: Volume - Area - Radius - Diagonal

28 Jul, 2015