Thecalculator.co aims to be the place you come to when you need a calculator or you want to test something or just when you want to discover something about yourself and the world around you.

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We work towards becoming the leading source in online calculators and we want our expertise to be recognized as authority in this domain for the long run. This is a project we continue to develop day by day and to improve any time something new appears in the domain.

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We love how more and more embrace technology nowadays and keep up with all advances, therefore we currently operate a fully responsive website so you can enjoy your calculations on your favorite device. And we have even more surprises to roll out.

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We strive to take your experience on the website to the highest levels and we invest a lot of time in bringing exactly the elements you want in the right places. And when it comes to conversions and all kinds of unit transformations, be sure you will always find what you need on the spot without having to do your own research.

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If each of our users gets at least one answer to a question they long had in mind, then we know we are on the right track!