This acreage calculator estimates the number of acres, square feet, yards meters or inches depending on the length and width measurements that you want to do. You can discover more on this subject and the formulas to use below the form.


How does this acreage calculator work?

This is a dimension tool that determines the acreage meaning the number of acres, square feet, square yards, square meter and square inches depending on the measurement values you have. The acreage calculator requires the width and the length of the given shape expressed in either feet or meter. Therefore you just input the two values and then receive the area in all the usual acreage measurement units for your convenience.

Acreage and Square measurement conversions

Total Acreage (data in…) Formula
Feet (Width * Length) / 43560
Meter (Width * Length) / 4046.87261
Total Square yards Total Acreage * 4840
Total Square feet (data in…)  
Meter Width * Length * 10.7639
Total Square meter (data in…)  
Feet (Width * Length) / 0.092903
Total Square inches (data in…)  
Feet Width * Length * 144
Meter Width * Length * 1550

Example calculation

Width: 23 feet

Length: 45 feet

Result: Total Acreage = 0.02

Total Square Yards = 115.00

Total Square Feet = 1,035.00

Total Square Meter = 96.15

Total Square Inches = 149,040.00

26 Mar, 2015