This AdSense calculator can estimate the revenues you can obtain by using this advertising system based on your input data. There is more information in this direction below the form.

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How does this AdSense calculator work?

This is a very useful tool for Google AdSense affiliates that need to estimate their potential revenue counting on a short input.

Based on their current statistics, users can calculate how much they can expect to earn daily, monthly and yearly.

This AdSense calculator is also useful for site owners that start to consider implementing ads on their site and are willing to estimate what results they are likely to achieve. It takes account of the data presented, right after the tables.

Example result:

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Monthly Earnings


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Daily Page Impressions

Daily page impressions represents how many times the ads are shown per page. Practically in this calculation, the daily page impressions can either be the average anticipated of daily page views or the current daily page impressions.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click through rate represents how many visitors actually click on the advertisements. This information can be easily found on your Google AdSense stats page named as "CTR." A quite realistic average rate is estimated to be about 1.5%.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost per click is the average of how much you get paid if someone clicks on one of your advertisements.

Based on the input of the 3 data presented above, the AdSense calculator makes the calculations and estimates the daily, monthly and early earnings and the daily, monthly and early clicks you should register for the estimated earning.

What to take account of when establishing your goals?

Before deciding what online project to start, it is always a good start to look at the following 3 important factors that have an impact on your revenues. They should be analysed, and then correlate one to each other:

■ Niche

The niche of your site or blog is important due to few factors:

- Competition within that niche, which can be analyzed taking into account the chances you have to be on the first page on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

- The potential the niche can have by monthly searches which can be analyzed with Adwords Keyword Tools.

- The cost per click the keywords within that niche have, which is the amount of money the advertisers can afford to pay for one click.

■ The audience

Whom you are targeting with the content you offer is an important factor, from both perspectives qualitative and quantitative. This one should be analyzed taking into account the competition statistics you may consult, the social profiles surveys and researches available on the internet or the monthly search volumes provided by Google Keyword Tools.

There is always a difference between consumers' behavior which is influenced by many factors (e.g.: gender, age, social status, hobbies, income, study level).

The same applies for advertisement consumers, so please also take that into account when designing your project;

■ Keywords

You want to promote within your site or blog are an important factor as they might vary from one case to another.

You can find detailed information with Google Keyword Tools about ad competition and how much advertisers can afford to pay per click.

There is a huge difference on how much money one click within financial services can bring you comparing to one click within entertaining industry.

22 Dec, 2014