This calorie converter helps you transform calories to kilojoules and the other way around plus you can also use joules or kilocalories. Below the form you can discover more on this topic and also the most used conversions.

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How does this calorie converter work?

Do you know how to convert calories to kilojoules or how to convert kilojoules to calories? If not, don’t worry, the calorie converter helps you transform between kilojoules, joules, kilocalories and calories as you select one unit and receive the result in all the other three units. It works either way so it is a kilojoule to calorie converter, a calorie to kilojoules converter and a kilocalorie to kilojoules converter all at the same time. All you have to do is enter the value and select the energy unit then press Convert to get the other units of energy.

Which are the units for food energy?

The units used to measure food energy are kilojoules (kJ) and Calories (kCal).  The common term defining how much energy a food contains or how much it is burned during various activities used to be calorie but now kilojoule is a term accepted internationally.

You can use the health tool above to find out the corresponding values in the other S.I units for the energy in foods. It will compute the value you enter in all energy units related: kJ, J, cal, kcal.

What is a kilojoule?

This is a unit that measures energy. The symbol is kJ. This unit is the 1000 multiple of the joule. The joule is the SI unit of energy and work.

1kJ=1000 joules

1joule=0.001 kJ

What are calories?

A calorie refers to a non SI unit of energy. Pay attention, there are two kinds of calories with different meanings:

Small calorie: (cal.) in chemistry, the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. It is 1000 times smaller than a food calorie.

1cal = 0.001 kcal

Large calorie (kcal.) known as kilocalorie, which is the nutritional calorie, written with capital letter: Calorie. 

So the Calories are the same thing with kilocalories and kcal. We will further on use the kcal definition.

1kcal = 1000 cal

How to convert kilojoules to calories?

The first is approximately four times larger than the second

1kilojoule = 1000 joules = 0.239 Calories = 0.239 kcal = 239 cal

4.184kJ= 1 food calorie

So you need to multiply your kJ value with 0.239 to obtain the number of kcal.

How to convert calories to kilojoules?

4.184 kilojoules = 4,184 joule = 1 food Calorie = 1kcal = 1000 cal

So for a full conversion you need to multiply the first by 4.184.

25 Mar, 2015