See how many human years your cat would be as you convert its age quickly with the cat age calculator and then understand more about feline aging in the article below the form.

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How does this cat age calculator work?

If you want to quickly check how old is your pet in human years and discover more on their aging process you can easily input the number of years and months your cat has and then this will be converted in human years that you can easily relate to.

There isn’t really a formula out there for this conversion as kitties and then cats age differently and a month in their lives equals a different amount of years in human life at various points in the cats life.

But you can find the corresponding values in the table below and understand how to correctly calculate your cat’s age.

This cat age calculator will give you the same result in a matter of seconds so you don’t have to trouble yourself doing the math.

After the age of 2 you just keep adding four to six more human years for each cat year depending on the conditions that cat is raised.

Cat years human years table

Cat age Human age
- 1 month - 6 months
- 3 months - 4 years
- 6 months - 9 years
- 12 months - 15 years
- 18 months - 19 years
- 2 years - 24 years

Feline aging fun facts

■ Most popular misconception is that a year in the life of a cat is equal to seven human years.

■ Aging is very rapid compared to other pets before the age of 2.

■ Cats are said to age more gracefully than dogs.

■ Cats with the age over 10 are considered old.

■ As they get older, they tend to sleep less or more than usual and try to avoid human contact.

11 Mar, 2015