This centrifugal force calculator determines the centrifugal force value the mass, radius or velocity in the equation in different measurement units.

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How does this centrifugal force calculator work?

This is a useful tool that allows you to compute the value of any of the four components of the centrifugal force equation presented below. You can calculate, the mass of the object, the radius distance involved or the velocity of the object beside the centrifugal value.

For your convenience, each of the values you need to input in the centrifugal force calculator are presented in various measurement units so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. For instance, for the radius value you can input either m, cm, km, inches or feet. Although the SI measurement of centrifugal force is in N (newtons) you may also find useful to have it calculated in kN, pound force or kg force.

The formula used is explained below:

  • If you want to calculate centrifugal force you need to use: F = m * v2 / r
  • For mass the above formula becomes: m = F * r / v2
  • For radius it turns into: r = m * v2 / F
  • For velocity: v = square root out of (F * r / m)


F = centrifugal force in N (newton)

m = mass in Kg

r = radius in m

v = velocity in m/s

Example calculation

Let’s take for instance an object with a mass of 11 kg, radius or 15 m and a velocity of 2.4 m/s. The answer is:

The centrifugal force value for the above equation is 4.224 N. This is equal to:

  • 0.004224 kN
  • 0.4307281283619 kg force
  • 0.9495929756544 pound force

What is the centrifugal force?

This is defined as the apparent force that draws a rotating object away from the center of rotation and is caused by the inertia of the object. This means that when the object is rotating, or traveling in a circle, it experiences an outward force. This centrifugal force depends on the mass, the speed of rotation and the distance the object is placed from the center. Therefore the bigger the object, the speed and the distance, the greater the force applied on it.

30 Apr, 2015