This concrete calculator determines the volume and weight of the concrete required to build a specific land with premixed cement. Below the form you can find more on this topic, some concrete definitions and an example calculation.

Calculates for shapes like: slabs, walls, square footings.

Length: *
Width: *
Thickness/Height: *
Quantity: *

Calculates for shapes like: hole, column, round footings.

Diameter: *
Depth/Height: *
Quantity: *

Calculates for shapes like: circular slab, tube.

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Inner Diameter: *
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How does this concrete calculator work?

This is a house tool that can help you estimate the cement requirements for your construction project. It uses a premixed cement density of 133 pounds per cubic foot (60 pounds/0.45 cubic feet, or 80 pounds/0.60 cubic feet) or 2,130kg/cubic meters to obtain the weight in the result. Please note that the density level of different types of concrete vary from one to another.

All you have to do is enter the building size, or the area of the land that needs to be built then the concrete calculator will do the work. To increase the usefulness, the tool also returns the number of concrete bags within few categories (60lbs, 80lbs or 100 lbs bags). Please note that this is only an estimation based on your input, therefore the decision to buy specific concrete quantity is entirely yours. 

Example calculation

  • By the Slabs/Walls tab:

Length: 13 ft

Width: 10 ft

Thickness/Height: 8 ft

Quantity: 2


- Concrete Volume: 2,080.000 cubic feet or 77.037 cubic yards or 58.899 cubic meters;

- Pre-mixed Concrete Weight: 276,640 lbs or 125,482 kg;

- no. of concrete bags of 60 lbs: 4,611;

- no. of concrete bags of 80 lbs: 3,458;

- no. of concrete bags of 100 lbs: 2,766.

  • By the Hole/Column tab:

Diameter: 2 feet

Depth/Height: 10 feet

Quantity: 3


- Concrete Volume: 94.248 cubic feet or 3.491 cubic yards or 2.669 cubic meters;

- Pre-mixed Concrete Weight: 12,535 lbs or 5,686 kg;

- no. of concrete bags of 60 lbs: 209;

- no. of concrete bags of 80 lbs: 157;

- no. of concrete bags of 100 lbs: 125. 

What is concrete?

This is one of the most used construction material around the world. It is a strong conglomerate construction material and is obtained by mixing specific quantities of cement with specific quantities of granular material such as sand, fibers.

What is pre-mixed concrete?

Today on the market you can purchase pre-mixed concrete bags either by a weight of 60lbs, 80lbs or maybe 100lbs (depending on the region). This pre-mixed solution might come in handy since the concrete mixing process is a critical step when building.

How to obtain a good and strength concrete?

A proper ratio between the cement quantity and the granular material quantity is very important because it determines the concrete strength, which implicitly affects the structure and strength of the building.

Other factors that have an impact on your concrete strength and hardness are humidity and temperature so you need to ensure the right levels as well. When mixing it, the concrete becomes a paste than can further on fill spaces among the aggregate particles of the construction. After the mixing process, start using the concrete to fill in spaces you planned to, because it quickly hardens. After the concrete was put in place, it can take few weeks to achieve its final strength.

26 Mar, 2015