This conversion calculator easily transforms between length, temperature, area volume, weight time and energy units. You can discover more about the seven different tabs and the conversions employed below the form.


How does this conversion calculator work?

This is a useful tool that brings together seven different types of unit transformations in just one place.

The conversion calculator makes it very easy to perform temperature conversion, weight, length, time, area conversion, or volume and energy conversion. All you have to do is choose the corresponding tab area, enter the desired quantity to convert, choose the “From” and “To” unit types then the calculator will do the work quickly.

Each of the seven tabs is designed to perform several types of transformation as follows:

The Weight converter tab

- Allows you to make conversions from kilogram, gram, milligram, ton, pound, ounce, carrat and even atomic mass unit.

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion Formula from kg to U:
Kilogram kg -
Gram g kg / 0.001
Milligram mg kg / 0.000001
Ton t kg / 1000
Pound lb kg / 0.453592
Ounce oz kg / 0.0283495
Carrat k or kt kg / 0.0002
Atomic mass unit amu kg / 1.6605401999104288e-27

The Length converter tab

- Allows you to convert from units such as meter, foot, yard, inch, kilometer, mile, centimeter, millimeter, micrometer, nanometer, light year.

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion Formula from m to U:
Meter m -
Foot ft (') m / 0.3048
Yard yd m / 0.914400
Inch in ('') m / 0.0254001
Kilometer km m / 1000
Mile ml or m m / 1609.35
Centimeter cm m / 0.01
Millimeter mm m / 0.001
Micrometer um m / 0.000001
Nanometer nm m / 0.000000001
Light year ly m / 9.46066e+15

The Time converter tab

- Allows any time conversion from units such as second, millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond, picoseconds, minute, hour, day, week, month or year.

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion Formula from s to U:
Second s -
Millisecond ms s / 0.001
Microsecond μs s / 0.000001
Nanosecond ns s / 0.000000001
Picosecond ps s / 0.000000000001
Minute min s / 60
Hour h or hr s / 3600
Day d s / 86400
Week w s / 604800
Month mth s / 2629800
Year y s / 31557600

The Temperature converter tab

- Allows transformations from temperature units such as Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, Réaumur or Rømer.

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion Formula from °C to U:
Celsius °C -
Kelvin K °C + 273.15
Fahrenheit °F 9/5 * °C + 32
Rankine °R (°C + 273.15) × 9⁄5
Delisle °De (100 − °C) × 3⁄2
Newton °N °C × 33⁄100
Réaumur °Ré °C × 4⁄5
Rømer °Rø °C × 21⁄40 + 7.5

The Area converter tab

- Allows area transformations from units such as square meter, square foot, square yard, square inch, square kilometer, square mile, square centimeter, square millimeter, square micrometer or acre.

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion from sq m to U:
Square meter sq m -
Square foot sq ft sq m / 0.0929030
Square yard sq yd sq m / 0.836127
Square inch sq in sq m / 0.000645160
Square kilometer sq km sq m / 1000000
Square mile sq mile sq m / 2589990
Square centimeter sq cm sq m / 0.0001
Square millimeter sq mm sq m / 0.000001
Square micrometer sq um sq m / 0.000000000001
Acre ac sq m / 4046.86

The Volume converter tab

- Allows volume transformations from cubic meter, cubic foot, cubic yard, cubic inch, cubic kilometer, cubic mile, cubic centimeter, cubic millimeter, cubic micrometer, liter, milliliter, pint, quart, or gallon.

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion Formula from sq m to U:
Cubic meter m^3 -
Cubic foot scf m^3 / 0.0283168
Cubic yard cu yd m^3 / 0.764555
Cubic inch cu in m^3 / 0.0000163871
Cubic kilometer cu km m^3 / 1000000000
Cubic mile mi3 m^3 /4.16818e+9
Cubic centimeter cm3 m^3 / 0.000001
Cubic millimeter mm3 m^3 / 1.0e-9
Liter L m^3 / 0.001
Milliliter mL m^3 / 0.000001
Pint Pt m^3 / 0.000473176
Quart qt m^3 / 0.000946353
Gallon gal m^3 / 0.00378541

The Energy converter tab

- Allows energy conversions from joule, calorie, kilocalorie, kilowatt-hour as follows:

Unit (U) Abbrev. Conversion Formula from j to U:
Joule j -
Calorie cal j / 0.239005736
Kilocalorie kcal j / 0.000239005736
Kilowatt-hour kW h j / 2.7777777778e-7

28 Mar, 2015