This country capitals converter finds the capital of any country in the world and of some of the most important dependent territories. Below the form you can find more information on this and example results as well.

Select the Region and then a Country OR a Capital to obtain the corresponding location!

How does the country capitals converter work?

This is a great geographical tool to help you find the capital of any of the countries in the world plus some of the most important dependent territories.

You can also use this country capitals converter to retrieve the country if you know the capital or learn more about certain states. To this answer it will be added the time zone for that city as well.

You can notice that the form above asks you to choose a region and then a country or a capital. You first need to choose a region from Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, South America in order to narrow our search to a specific continent or area. In the Europe region for instance you will find all the states and capital in Europe, in North America all the countries and capital and so on.

Once you settled the region you need to choose whether you want to find a capital for a country or you want to know which country a capital belongs to.

If you select a country you will be automatically given the answer in the result section.

For instance if you choose Europe and then United Kingdom you will receive:

Country: United Kingdom

Capital: London

Time zone: (UTC+00:00)

If you just heard of a new capital and don’t know to what state it belongs to, you just have to select it and you will be given the answer.

For example, do you know what country has the capital in Bogota?

Country: Colombia

Capital: Bogota

Time zone: (UTC-05:00)

Last but not least don’t forget that the country & capitals finder works both ways from country/state to capital and from capital to country/state. You can use it at any time and even to quickly find the time zone of a certain place.

What is the capital of a country?

Ofted used in geography, the capital city is the municipality of a country and has a primary status because it seats the government. Usually it encompasses all the offices and most branches of the government. In most countries it is also the most economically and socially developed city.

Even the world implies the leading role of the capital as it derives from the Latin caput, meaning “head”. Knowing the main cities of the countries in the world should not only be that request in school but a personal choice to know as much as the capital for some important world places.

25 Mar, 2015