This degree regret test looks at the main sources of regret after graduation and offers insight into how graduates really feel. You can read more about what makes people doubt their education choices below the form.


Did your degree help you obtain your current job?


How much debt did you graduate with?


Do you know people who succeeded without a degree or are doing better than you?


Rate your university experience:


Did you give up on any real life opportunities in exchange for your degree?


Are you working or want to work in the domain/ area of your degree?


Does your degree help you accomplish day to day activities?


Do you feel doing your degree enhanced your personal development?


Do you feel your degree helped you to create long term friendships/ find love/ network?

You may have come across, at some point or another, with one of those stats about graduates and their satisfaction upon completing a degree. It almost doesn’t even matter on which continent you are.

Degree regret is everywhere and the latest coverage with 1 in 3 millennials regretting their degree can only strengthen the belief. This is why we created the degree regret calculator that can help you piece things together and put an end, at least to your personal debate.

So how much do you actually suffer from degree regret? You are asked to answer 9 simple questions about some general beliefs and feelings of yours. You are even given answer choices so it shouldn’t be such a bad experience. Each of them has a different weight in the final result.

But once the “examination” is over, you get your result and … light bulb moment … things have never been clearer. Or at least we hope so.
If you don’t think we know what we’re doing, let’s put it in bullet points. Here are the main reported triggers of degree regret:

■ Relevance of the degree for work/ career prospects.

■ Amount of debt after graduation.

■ University experience.

■ Examples of success stories without a degree.

■ Having to give up life chances in exchange for degree.

■ Relevance of degree for personal development.

■ Degree offering personal friendship/ love/ networking experiences.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the insight and don’t forget to make others miserable about their degrees as well by making them do the test!

10 Aug, 2016