The final grade calculator retrieves the average mark in percentage that you need on your exams to obtain a certain final grade. Discover more on this subject and read an example result below the form.

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How does this final grade calculator work?

This is an educational tool designed to compute what percentage average grade is needed in a certain assignment or final exam in order to determine a certain total result. The final grade calculator comprises of three fields that need to be completed:

- Current grade – meaning the grade achieved to the point of calculation.

- Desired final grade – meaning the value desired to be achieved as final result.

- Final exam weight share – meaning the importance of the exam or test to be passed.

Final grade formula

The starting formula based on which the calculator finds the final exam ccore to achieve is:

Desired class grade = Final exam worth * Final exam score + (1 –Final  exam worth) * Current grade

From the above formula the calculator extracts the final exam score to achieve your target:

Final exam score={[Desired class grade – ((1-Final Exam Worth)* Current grade))]Final Exam Worth}.

Example calculation

- Current grade = 65%

- Desired final grade = 70%

- Final exam weight = 25%

Result: To achieve a class grade of 70.00% you need to score on your final exam at least: 85.00%

26 Mar, 2015