This finals calculator determines the average grade in percentage you need on your last exam or assessment in order to achieve your desired final grade. Below the form you can find an example result and more on this subject.

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Desired class grade: *
Final exam worth: *

How does this finals calculator work?

This is a quick tool that can help you calculate what average grade in percentage you need on your final exam in order to get a certain final grade.

There are three fields to be completed in the finals calculator, the current and desired final grade and the final exam weight share.

Basically you need to input where you stand at the moment, the grade you desire to achieve and the weight in percentage that the last test, paper or exam carries towards the final mark.

Final grade formula

There are two steps in discovering the least grade you can have at the last assignment in order to obtain your desired mark.

Step 1:

Desired class grade = Final exam worth * Final exam score + (1 – Final  exam worth) * Current grade

Step 2:

Final exam score = {[Desired class grade – ((1 – Final Exam Worth) * Current grade))] * Final Exam Worth}.

Example calculation

Current grade = 67%

Desired final grade = 75%

Final exam weight = 33%

Result: To achieve a class grade of 75.00% you need to score on your final exam at least: 91.24%

25 Mar, 2015