This force calculator can help you calculate the force, mass or acceleration in multiple measurement units if you know any 2 variables from Newton's Second Law of Motion.

Instruction: Please input only 2 out of the 3 fields available to find the desired one!


How does this force calculator work?

In physics, force can be defined as an interaction with both magnitude and direction that, when unopposed, will have an impact on the motion/velocity of a given object having mass. It is denoted with “F” and in the SI is measured in Newton (N).

According to the Newton's Second Law of Motion it can be expressed as a mathematical equation as:

Force (F) = Mass (m) * Acceleration (a)

This force calculator can compute any variable from the above equation if two figures are provided:

■ In case the mass and acceleration are given it will calculate and display the force by using the standard formula:

F = m * a

■ If the mass and force are known it will determine the acceleration by applying this equation:

a = F/m

■ When force and acceleration are provided it will estimate the mass:

m = F/a

Please note that each of the three variables can be specified in any measure from the drop down lists available, while they are by default set up in the SI units:

■ Mass is by default in kg, while the other measurement units available and their conversion rates are explained in the next rows:

Convert from: To kg:
kg 1
g 0.001
Pound 0.45359237
Ounce(Oz) 0.028349523
Stone 6.35029318
ton 1000
mg 0.000001
ug 0.000000001
ng 0.000000000001
pg 0.000000000000001
Carat(metric) 0.0002
Grain 0.0000648
Dram 0.001771845

■ Acceleration is by default expressed in meters per square second (m/s2) but there are other measurement units available to choose from:

Convert from: To meters per square second (m/s2):
m/s2 1
Km/s2 1000
Mile/h2 0.000124178
Km/h2 0.00007716
dm/s2 0.1
cm/s2 0.01
mm/s2 0.001
Mile/s2 1609.344
Yard/s2 0.9914
Foot/s2 0.3048
Inch/s2 0.0254

■ Force is by default set up in Newton (N) while the user can opt out to input it in any of the following units:

Convert from: To Newton (N):
N 1
kN 1000
mN 0.001
uN 0.000001
nN 0.000000001
pN 0.000000000001

17 Aug, 2015