This fuel calculator estimates the fuel cost of your journeys by car between any locations and cities by accounting for distance involved and mpg. Check some more info on this topic and example calculations below the form.

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How does the fuel calculator work?

This is a useful calculator for those moments when you need to quickly compute the fuel consumption and the fuel cost for one of your distance travels or maybe for the average monthly consumption budget.

The fuel calculator takes account of the distance to drive and of your car's gas mileage (mpg) but also of the price per unit, either gallon or liter. For your convenience, you can choose with which on the two tabs you want to work with.

The first one is designed to the English (US) measurement system which means the data that should be provided is expressed in miles, miles per gallon, USD per gallon). The second tab is designed for the Metric (EU) measurement system (European and other countries) which means the data is expressed in kilometers, liters per 100 kilometers, Euro per liter.

You will be then automatically calculated:

- Fuel consumption – as the total fuel your car will require to travel for the distance specified;

- Total Fuel Cost – as the total fuel cost for the distance to travel.

Example calculation:

  • By the English tab:

Trip distance:  2450 miles

Gas mileage: 27 mpg

Fuel price: 2.3 units per gallon

Result: Fuel consumption = 90.74 gallons; Total Fuel Cost = $208.70

  • By the Metric tab:

Trip distance: 345 km

Gas mileage: 6.8 L/100km

Fuel price: 1.2 units per L

Result: Fuel consumption = 23.46 liters; Total Fuel Cost = 28.15€

Fuel consumption or efficiency

This is a measure of the relationship between the fuel consumed and the distance traveled. Consumption can either be expressed as fuel versus distance or distance travelled per unit volume of fuel. There are certain requirements that car manufacturers need to abide by in regard of fuel efficiency and there are various tests to be made. Driver behavior also plays an essential role in lowering or increasing consumption.

Gas mileage units

  • US mpg is a unit used in the United States for car fuel consumption. The average fuel economy as of 2009 in the US is around 26.4mpg.
  • Litres per 100 km is theunit used in many European countries for car fuel consumption. Because most European countries use the metric system, it is only natural that the reporting is done in liters and kilometers.

26 Mar, 2015