This geography quiz challenges you to test your general knowledge with some world wide facts and frequent misconceptions we have on some countries or geographical facts. Discover the areas of interest from the test below the form and two misleading pieces of information most of us think are true.

1. How many continents are there in the world?

2. Which is the largest country in the world?

3. Which is Europe's largest city?

4. Which are the two land masses forming Australia?

5. Which is the smallest country in the world?

6. Which is the largest desert in Asia?

7. How many time zones are there?

8. Which is the largest city in North America?

9. Which is the southeast point in Africa?

10. Which is the largest river in South America?

11. Which is the lowest point in North America?

12. Which is Europe's largest volcano?

13. Which is the country with most neighbors?

14. How many countries are in the world?

15. Which is the continent with all the types of weather climate?

How does this geography quiz work?

This is a simple geographical test comprising of 15 questions for which you have three choices of answers. Remember that the questions are quite straight forward and you only need to choose one answer to each.

Think carefully and not let yourself fooled by the similarities between the possible answers because most of the questions were designed taking into account general knowledge and the misconceptions we have on certain facts.

If the question refers to a top of some kind, be sure that the other choices of answers are going to be tightly connected to the right one, for instance, second and third place in the top.

Once you finish answering all the questions and you press Results you are going to be given the result in a percentage. If you’ve aced it, then good for you! Otherwise, we don’t want you to leave the quiz with any thoughts so you are also given the correct choices for the questions you’ve missed and a brief explanation why it was not your original choice.

What does the geography quiz cover?

We thought of this quiz to be a fun way to brush up on general knowledge and to discover how much do you know in terms of interesting facts world wide.

There are questions about the continents, most known cities, even largest desert or river but also on time zones.

6 or 7 continents?

One of the questions in the quiz asks you to tell how many continents are there? Easy, right? You start counting them in your mind… Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia from the largest to the smallest… oh but wait?! What do we do with Asia and Europe? Is there a trick here? These are 2 continents but what do you do with them since they are connected in land actually?

The key here is whether you are asked about the number of continents or the continents which is 7 or about those that are separate, in the last case being just 6.

Most southern point in Africa?

This is one of the most known misleading, while most of the world thinks Cape of Good Hope is the most south point, in reality this is Cape Agulhas at 150km to the east- southeast.

There are really heavy winter storms there and amazingly high waves that go up to 30m. The Cape of Good Hope was considered as the dividing point between the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean. It was named this way by John II of Portugal at the opening of the sea route to India.

10 Dec, 2014