This gravitational acceleration calculator determines any three of the components of the gravitational acceleration equation in various units. You can read more on this subject below the form.

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How does this gravitational acceleration calculator work?

This is a useful tool to use when in need to calculate gravitational acceleration or the mass or radius in the equation when dealing with two objects situated at a certain distance. For your convenience, you can input your data in a series of measurement units, both metric and English. The gravitational acceleration calculator also provides the other units in the answer in case you are computing the mass or radius. This is basically an object’s acceleration as caused by the force of another object’s force of gravity.

The formula used is the following: ga = G *m/r2


ga – gravitational acceleration in m/s2

G– Universal Gravitational Constant = 6.6726 × 10-11 N.m2/Kg2

m –  mass in kg

r – radius in m

Example calculation

Let’s take the case of an object with a mass of 123 kg placed within a radius of 50m from another object. In this case the formula will be: ga = 6.6726 × 10-11 *123/ 502.

The result is: 3.2829192E-12.

26 Apr, 2015