This inductance calculator allows you to calculate the coil inductance in Henrys and any of the five components of the equation like turns or permeability. You can discover the formulas used and more on this subject below the form.

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How does this inductance calculator work?

This is a useful tool for all those interested to calculate coil inductance based on the number of turns of the coil, the core material permeability and the characteristics of the coil: area and average length.

The inductance calculator allows you to choose from a series of measurement units for your convenience as well. And you can input any four of the five components of the inductance formula to retrieve the fifth.

Here are the formulas used:

1. For coil inductance in Henrys:

L = N2 * µ * A / Cl

2. For number of coil turns:

N= square root (L * Cl / µ * A)

3.For the coil material permeability:

µ = L * Cl / N2 * A

4.For the approximate coil area:

A = L * Cl / N2 * µ

5.For the approximate coil length:

Cl = N2 * µ * A / L

What is coil inductance?

Inductance represents the property of an electrical component that opposes the change of current that flows through it. We can talk about inductance from pieces of wire to complex inductors. The self inductance of a coil is due to the magnetic flux around it and depends on its characteristics and construction, from size, number of turns and material.

Very high coefficients of self induction can be obtained by using high permeability materials and a large number of coil turns. Therefore the number of turns is proportional to the value of the inductance according to the above formula.

14 Apr, 2015