This mass flow rate calculator helps you determine the mass flow rate of a material or the other three components of the equation, density velocity or flow area. You can read more on this subject and discover and example calculation and the measurement unit conversions below the form.

Complete any three of the following fields in the desired unit to discover the fourth value according to the mass flow equation.

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How does this mass flow rate calculator work?

This is an useful tool in case you need to calculate mass flow but also if you have a mass flow equation where you need to extract either the density, the velocity or the area involved.

What it is special about this mass flow rate calculator is that not only covers the equation for you but it also allows you to compute any of its four elements in some of the most common used measurement units so there is no hassle for you with the conversion.

All you need to do is complete three of the fields indicated and select the unit in which you have the component and then press calculate to discover the fourth component of the formula that will automatically appear in the corresponding field in the default unit.

Mass flow rate equation

m= ρ * V * A

m – mass flow rate [kg/s]

ρ – density [kg/m3]

V –  velocity [m/s]

A – area [m2]

This is a measure of the fluid mass that passes through a surface A per unit of time. It is measured in kilograms/second in SI but in the US is most common met as pound/second in physics and engineering.

This is the formula used when the surface is a flat one and often for the flow of liquids through a section of pipe.

Example calculation

It is considered that a fluid passes through cross sectional surface area A at a velocity V in the unit of time.

Let’s take the case of a fluid with a density of 25 kg/m3 that goes through a pipe with a surface of 0.5m2 at a speed of 4m/s. Therefore since the example has the units in the formula:

m= ρ * V * A

m= 25 * 0.5 *4

m= 50 kg/s

Conversion equations and measurement units

Density  [kg/m3]
1 g/cm3 1000 kg/m3
1 pound/yd3 0.5932764212578 kg/m3
1 pound/ft3  16.01846337395 kg/m3


Velocity [m/s]
1 m/h 0.0002777777777778 m/s
1 m/min 0.01666666666667 m/s
1 km/h 0,28 m/s
1 mile/h   0,45 m/s


Area  [m2]
1 km2 1000000 m2
1 mile2 2589987,83 m2
1 acres 4046,85 m2
1 yd2 0,84 m2
1 ft2 0,09 m2
1 in2 6,45×10-4 m2
1 cm2 10-4 m2
1 mm2 10-6 m2


Mass flow rate[Kg/s]
1 g/s 0.001 Kg/s
1 kg/min 0.01666666666667 Kg/s
1 kg/hour 0.0002777777777778 Kg/s
1 ton/s 1000 Kg/s
1 pound/s 0.45359237 Kg/s

17 Mar, 2015