This number generator will return one random number or as many as you wish when you provide the lower and upper limit either integer or decimal, positive or negative. Below the form there is a short description about how this works.

Lower limit (min. -50):*
Upper limit (max. 50):*
Random number type:*
How many to be generated (max. 100):*

How does this random number generator work?

As it can easily be observed this is a random number generator that can display as many numbers as you request by considering few aspects such as:

■ Lower and upper limit, in other words the range to be used to generate random number which can have any positive or negative value.

■ The type of the random numbers to be generated that can be either integer or decimals. In case of decimals the user should specify the desired decimals format where the limit is from 1 to 10 decimals.

■ How many numbers to be generated.

17 Jan, 2015