This PPI calculator estimates pixels per inch (PPI), dots per inch (DPI) and the display size in inches and centimeters for any device from smartphones to PCs. Below the form you can discover more information on this subject.

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How does this PPI calculator work?

This is a home tech tool that determines thepixels per inch (PPI), dots per inch (DPI) and the display size in inches and centimeters for the display of any device such as: digital camera, tablet, smartphone, PC, TV, LCD, Ipad, Samsung, Iphone, notebook, Mac.

The PPI calculator finds the pixel density based on horizontal and vertical pixel resolution that should be given. The Horizontal resolution is often called the width resolution while the vertical resolution is the often called height resolution. Just input the data required the calculator will provide the result:

  • PPI value which is the acronym for pixels per inch. The pixel per inch is a measurement of the pixel density (resolution) of devices.
  • Dot pitch (DPI) value. The dot pitch is in some cases called as stripe pitch, line pitch or pixel pitch. DPI is a technical specification for any pixel based device that refers to the distance between dots of the same color (the dots may be called sub pixels).
  • Pixels per square inch (PPI^2) value.
  • Display size in inches.
  • Display size in centimeters.

Example calculation

Horizontal resolution: 720 pixels

Vertical resolution: 480 pixels

Diagonal size: 40 inch

Result: PPI = 21.63 (pixels per inch)

Dot pitch (DPI) = 1.17412 mm

PPI2 = 468.00

Display size (inches) = 33.28 x 22.19 = 738.46 in2

Display size (cm) = 84.54 x 56.36 = 4,764.26 cm2

28 Mar, 2015