This percentage difference calculator determines the percentage difference of two given numbers in various situations and with different values. Below the form you can discover more information on this subject and the formulas used for calculations.

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How does this percentage difference calculator work?

This is a tool that computes the percentage difference of two given numbers and therefore is a quick way to solve percentage difference problems. All you have to do is input the two given numbers, press the Calculate button then the percentage difference calculator will provide you the result for the values you completed. Please note that the order of the two numbers has no impact on the form because the calculator divides the difference between the two numbers by the average of the two.

The formula for the percentage difference:

( | A1 - A 2 | / ((A 1 + A 2)/2) ) * 100


A1 = first given number

A2 = second given number

The above formula is obtained by dividing the absolute value of the change in by the average of the 2 given numbers, which is then multiplied by 100.

Example calculation:

A1 = 17

A2 = 29

( | 17 - 29 | / ((17 + 29)/2) ) * 100 = (12 / 23) * 100= 52.1739%. The percentage difference between 17 and 29 is 52.1739%.

26 Mar, 2015