This speed calculator determines the average speed registered for a given distance and time elapsed in all kinds of combinations and conversions. Below the form you can read more on the conversions used and check some example calculations.

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How does this speed calculator work?

This is a useful calculator for all those who need to calculate the average speed registered for a given distance and time elapsed. The speed calculator is a very flexible tool as it allows 3 kinds of calculations as presented below:

  • Estimating the average speed – for a given distance and a given time. This is done by dividing the distance given by the time and applying any necessary conversion between different speed units.
  • Determining the distance for a given time frame at a certain speed. By multiply the average speed given by the time and converting between different distance units.
  • Computing the time elapsed – for a given average speed and distance, by dividing the former by the speed and making necessary conversions.

Example calculations




56 miles


32 miles per hour

126 km


95 km per hour

8900 m


40 km per hour

16500 yards


60 miles per hour

Most common conversions used in the speed calculator:

Miles Km Meters Yards
100 160.93 160930 176000
62.13 100 100000 1 09361.33
0.062137 0.1 100 109.36133
0.0568182 0.09144 91.44 100
Hour Minute Second  
1 60 3600
0.016666667 1 60
0.000277778 0.0166667 1
Miles per hour Km per hour  
1 1.6093
0.6213 1
55.9234 90
60 96.558

25 Mar, 2015