This Gay-Lussac Law Calculator can determine the volume or temperature change of gas if you provide 3 out of the 4 variables in the Gay-Lussac equation where the pressure (p) is constant. You can find the formulas used below the tool.

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How does this Volume and Temperature Changes by Gay-Lussac Law Calculator work?

This chemistry tool can be used to determine any change in volume or temperature of gas applying the Gay-Lussac Law which states that when the pressure of dry gas is kept constant, the Kelvin temperature and the gas volume will be directly related. This law results in the formulas explained below that are applied by this Gay-Lussac Law Calculator:

Gay-Lussac Law standard formula: V1/T1= V2/T2

In order to estimate any variable from the four within the equation given above the user should input 3 variables and let unfilled the one to be computed and so:

- If the value of V1  or the one of the V2 needs to be calculated then the equations applied are:

V1 = T1*V2/T2

V2 = T2*V1/T1

- If the value of T1  or the one of the T2 needs to be determined then the formulas applicable are:

T1 = T2*V1/V2

T2 = T1*V2/V1

V1 is the volume measured/assumed initially;

V2 is the volume measured after the temperature changes/is assumed to be changed;

T1 is the temperature measured/assumed initially;

T2 is the temperature measured after the volume changes/is assumed to be changed;

Assumption: Pressure (p) and Mass (m) stay constant.

The tool allows choosing between multiple units depending on the variable type as detailed here, while the conversion rates are:

- For volume the measurement units available are:

From: To: m3
l 0.001
ml 0.000001
ft3 0.02831685
in3 0.00001638706                 

- For temperature the supported measurement units are: Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit. The equations used to convert to Kelvin are:

From °C to K = t°C + 273.15

From °F to K = (t°F + 459.67) * 5/9

17 Jun, 2015