This weighted grade calculator estimates the average grade you have on the finished assignments and reveals your overall performance. Read more on this subject below the form, discover the formulas and an example calculation.


How does this weighted grade calculator work?

This is an educational tool that helps you estimate the average grade you obtained in already finished assignments. The weighted grade calculator computes the total weight in percentage for the assignments completed (homework, quiz, written paper).

All you have to do is input the assignments name if you prefer a clear evidence of them, the assignment grade meaning the point you obtained or how you performed with the assignment (for instance 93 obtained from total) and the weight in percentage for each assignment (for instance 35 for an assignment with 35% weight).

There are five fields available as default but you can press the ADD+1 ASS button and the calculator will provide more fields for as many time as you want. Please note that both the assignment grade and the weight should be positive numbers and there is no need to put the % signs.

Here’s a short example on how you should fill in the data within the form:

First Assignment has a grade 93 and a weight (percent): 20. Assuming that this assignment would be the only  assignment completed so far, the weighted average grade for this assignment would be: (93*20)/100=18.60.

Second Assignment has a grade 90 and a weight (percent): 25. Assuming that these two are the assignments for calculation the weighted average grade will be: [(93*20)/100] + [(90*25)/100] = 18.60 + 22.50 = 41.10.

Weighted grade formula:

This is a formula to be applied in cases where there is more than one assignement grade and each evaluation method has a certain weight towards the final mark.

[(G1*W1)/100] + [(G2*W2)/100] + [(G3*W3)/100] + …. + [(Gn*Wn)/100].

Example calculation

No Assignment name Grade Weight
1 English 85 30
2 Algebra 67 25
3 Science 75 25
4 History 68 10
5 Geography 90 10

The result for the values in the table above is: Your average grade on the assignments completed is: 76.80; The weight in percentage for the assignments completed is: 100.00%

25 Mar, 2015