This ADHD test is a quick way to discover if you suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or if you display related signs and symptoms. Read more on this subject and discover an example result below the form.

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Do you often experience difficulties focusing?


Does it often happen to you to miss details when performing specific actions?


Do you often prove to be impatient?


Does it often happen to you to stop or interrupt the activities or conversations of others without a specific reason?


Do you often experience difficulties in maintaining focus on one task or activity?


Does it often happen to you that someone tells you are inattentive?

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Do you often experience difficulties in learning something new?


Does it often happen to you that someone tells you talk nonstop?


Does it often happen to you to show up your emotions without any restraint?


When things change frequently in a short time period, do you often get confused?


Does it often happen that someone tells you are distracted?


Do you often have difficulties in following certain instructions or procedures?

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Does it often happen to you to keep dreaming to achieve something and forget your dreams after just one day because of other dreams?


Do you have difficulties listening to people who are speaking to you?


Do you often forget things that you were speaking about or arranging few minutes ago?


Does it often happen for someone to tell you have no state or relax mode?


Does it often happen to you to blurt out inappropriate comments?


Do you often switch from one activity to another, in a way that bothers people around you?

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Do you often seek to do only tasks you find enjoyable otherwise you get bored?


Does it often happen to you to be constantly in motion?


Do you often avoid repetitive tasks because otherwise you get bored in only a few minutes?


Do you often lose things that you need in order to finish certain assignments or activities?


Do you have difficulties performing different tasks and activities in a quiet manner?


Does it often happen for you to act without regard of the consequences?

Disclaimer: Please note that only a licensed medical professional has the authority to officially diagnose ADHD. This test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional mental health service.

How does this ADHD test work?

This is a free personality test designed to help you check if you experience attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms. There are 24 questions to be answered that aim to shed some light on the most common symptoms and signs of this mental condition.

Once the four sections are followed, the ADHD test will reveal a result comprising of a disorder symptoms together with a short interpretation of the level.

Please remember that the above test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional medical/mental health service.

Example of a result

Presence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms: 18.46%
Possible attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Based on the answers you provided it is unlikely that you undergo any relevant attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms at a worrying level that would affect you. However it seems that there are a few attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms that bother you and should take a look at it and if you consider you may search for a professional assessment of your mental and physical health especially if what you are experiencing now seems to be getting worse in time.

What is ADHD?

The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a personality disorder that is encountered in both childhood and adulthood and impacts in a negative way the life of the individual. It comprises of a pattern of three main behaviors: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

  • Inattention – difficulty concentrating on specific tasks, being organized and working in a timely manner.
  • Hyperactivity – constant motion, excessive limb moving.
  • Impulsivity – difficulty controlling impulses, lack of patience and acting before thinking regardless of the consequences.

ADHD symptoms

For a complete diagnosis of ADHD, there should be displayed signs from all three above components on a period of time:

  • Inattention signs:

- Lack of focus on simple tasks

- Inability to focus on details

- Procrastinating behavior

- Misplacing things

- Difficulty remembering

- Inability to stay organized

- Getting easily bored

  • Hyperactivity signs:

- Constant movement

- Talking excessively

- A permanent state of agitation

- Difficulty staying relaxed

  • Impulsivity signs:

- Acting without thinking

- Difficulty tempering oneself

- Interrupting others

- Lack of patience

- Lack of anger management

ADHD treatment

There are various treatment plans to be implemented in such cases, which vary according to the needs of each individual patient from support group counseling or psychological therapy to medication. Of course a combination of both therapy and medication is said to provide the best results and to improve the lifestyle of the patient.

Behavioral therapy aims to gain life and social skills for the individual. ADHD medication consists of psychostimulants with the aim to rebuild focus and ability to ignore distractions or nonstimulant medication in some cases to diminish hyperactivity. Medicines are short acting, intermediate or long acting.

03 Apr, 2015