This adult ADHD test assesses the existence of any symptoms related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in your behavior. Discover more on this subject below the form.

Instruction: Please select all the statements that best apply to you, from each of the two sections below:

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Disclaimer: Please note that only a licensed medical professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with ADHD. This test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional mental health service.

How does this adult ADHD test work?

This is a Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test aimed to get all users  an idea whether they or someone close undergo any symptoms related to this disorder. The assessment comprises of 48 statements carefully selected to approach as many mental condition signs as possible.

As a result, the adult ADHD test displays a percentage of ADHD symptoms and a percentage level interpretation legend as follows:

0 - 13% - No significant symptoms of said disorder.

14 - 38% - Mild presence of said disorder symptoms.

39 - 63% - Moderate presence of said disorder symptoms.

64 - 82% - Moderate to high presence of said disorder symptoms.

83 - 100% - Severe presence of said disorder symptoms.

Please remember that the above test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional medical/mental health service.

Example result

Presence of adult ADHD related symptoms: 45.83%

Percentage level interpretation: 39 - 63% - Moderate presence of said disorder symptoms

What is adult ADHD test?

The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, often abbreviated as ADD is a personality disorder that is encountered in both childhood and adulthood and impacts in a negative way the life of the individual. It acts as a pattern of three main behaviors: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Left untreated, this mental disorder can lead to further mental and physical problems such as occurrence of anxiety or depression disorder and difficulties interacting with others and leading a normal life.

  • Hyperactivity – constant motion, excessive limb moving
  • Inattention – difficulty concentrating on specific tasks, being organized and working in a timely manner
  • Impulsivity – difficulty controlling impulses, lack of patience and acting before thinking regardless of the consequences

ADHD symptoms and signs

Although generally considered a disorder of children this is a condition often met in adults as well although its diagnosis could be easier than in the case of children, as the following symptoms are less to be encountered in healthy individuals, there are still myths and misconceptions that prevent individuals from accessing the right type of treatment.

- Lack of focus on simple tasks

- Inability to stay organized

- Difficulty staying relaxed

- A permanent state of agitation

- Difficulty remembering

- Constant movement

- Interrupting others

- Inability to focus on details

- Lack of anger management

- Misplacing things

- Difficulty tempering oneself

- Lack of patience

- Talking excessively

- Getting easily bored

- Acting without thinking

- Procrastinating behavior

Adult ADHD misconceptions

The most common thing admitted about ADHD is that this is a disorder of children and that a functional adult cannot be suffering of attention deficit and this is just laziness or lack of will power. It is also believed that all adults have the minimum intelligence to cope with the above symptoms and that is not the case of a treatable condition for them. These cannot be more false as ADHD is not an age or development related condition necessarily and can occur at any age, even in adult individuals whom haven’t displayed any signs during childhood.

Another misconception is that once someone suffers from attention deficit they cannot possibly suffer from depression or anxiety as well. Experience has shows that frustration and the feelings of worthlessness encountered in patients with this disorder can lead to developing other mental illnesses such as those listed above.

02 Apr, 2015