This career calculator can help you discover the most suitable career based on your birth date and its numerology meaning. You can find more information on this numerological determination below the form.

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How does the career calculator work?

This is a quick tool to reveal the possible outcomes in the professional life of a person. You are asked to input your data in the form so that based on your birthday this career calculator to reveal some interesting career choices that are suitable for your personality characteristics.

The birth date number can reveal characteristics of our personality, that can further be used to determine a list of careers, jobs that are most suitable.

This calculation can't provide you with the road you need to go on but can reveal you a list of choices that might be suitable for you based on the strengths and weaknesses in your personality.

Example of a result:

Number 2s are creative and diplomatic. Therefore, they are inclined to collective endeavors. The ideal careers for a number 2 personality are in:

■ services: clerk, caterer, insurance agent, sales assistant;

■ international affairs: diplomat, lawyer;

■ education: teacher, researcher;

■ architect, builder.

08 Dec, 2014